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Woodbio workshop held in Reykjavik, Iceland 3-6 October 2016

3 October         Arrival day

4 October

The Woodbio workshop in Harpa Conference Centre, Ríma, outcome of the Woodbio project

In this workshop the outcome of the tree year Woodbio project will be presented by the project partners and guest lectures. This is an open event on the 4. October 2016 (the day before the Nordbio Conference). Everyone is welcome but please register to Olafur Eggertsson with a short e- mail (  The event is free of charge and includes lunch and coffee.

                  Start time

Confirmed talks (prelim. titles):

  • Effects of seasonal cutting on moisture content of poplar timber and biomass
    Palle Madsen
  • Lignocellulosic biomass from downy birch SRF: management, harvesting & economy
    Jyrki Hytönen
  • The history of Black Cottonwood in Iceland
    Halldór Sverrisson
  • Vegetative regeneration of black cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa) by harvesting date
    Thorbergur Hjalti Jónsson
  • The potential of climate adapted poplars in the Nordic Region
    Almir Karacic
  • Prospects for demand for and supply of liquid wood-based biofuels and their impacts on the wood markets in Europe with particular focus on Nordic Countries
    Maarit Kallio
  • Utilization of woody biomass in the Nordic countries
    Judit Sandquist
  • Poplars and Other Fast-Growing Trees – Renewable Resources for Future Green Economies
    Georg von Wühlisch

5 – 6 October      Nordbio conference in Harpa       


More information: Ólafur Eggertsson (